What in the World God Is Doing

by Sean Cooper

What in the world is God doing? Have you ever asked that question? When asking, people are usually contemplating something very personal.


Lent Cleanses the Palate

by Vernon Rainwater

The Lenten Season is a reminder that we are making a journey with our lives that Jesus modeled for us. For Him, it was a journey to a cross.

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The Star of Praise (February 18-25)

by Northland Children's Ministries

The Bible promises that one day in heaven we will all hold palm branches and worship Jesus for saving us.


The Transforming Star (February 11-17)

by Northland Children's Ministries

When we give Jesus our hearts, the Holy Spirit slowly transforms (changes) our hearts to be more like Jesus.


Questions About Lent

by Northland Children's Ministries

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter.